You just spent a total of 20 minutes on your brows to make them look perfect and thus arrived late to the office. Well,the boss won’t accept that excuse.Unless, YOU are the boss. But clearly when you can save those 20 minutes and arrive early to the office and make your boss happy you would do that right? Consider getting hair stroke eyebrows which are becoming popular these days.

Microblading in London is becoming quite popular and catching the attention of young girls and working women. And  when it has so many advantages,who would say no to it? Microblading is done manually with a hand held instrument with 7 or more needles that places hair like strokes on the epidermis.

Advantages –

  1. Lasts up to 3 years

Spending just about 3 hours for the process and getting perfect eyebrows which are going to last for upto 3 years. Sounds great? Eyebrow embroidery in London is catching up because of this. Because it lasts upto 3 years and are low maintenance ones.

  1. Saves time in the morning

Imagine the time you used for setting your brows, you could use it now to get some more much needed sleep or just sit in front of the mirror and admire them.

  1. Almost painless

Technicians use numbing cream so you don’t feel anything. You would just have a bit of tingling sensation.

  1. Best for people experiencing hair loss

People experiencing hair fall or people undergoing chemo therapy can opt for microblading. These natural looking brows will make it difficult to say that a person has got it done.

  1. Minimal care and touch ups required

Unlike the tattoos which change color and become green from black, it doesn’t happen here. The color remains the same and only saturation is reduced which can be redone with touch ups which are only required once a year.

  1. No fear of smudging

After the area has healed,there is absolutely no fear of smudging. You can go for swimming or sweat out in the gym. But remember to indulge in all these activities only after the area has healed completely.

There is also a greater demand for courses in Eyebrow embroidery in London. There are various places which give training. Semi permanent eyebrows in London is most popular among working ladies as it definitely saves their time and gives them the brows which one has dreamed of. Because, not everyone is born with eyebrows like the Victoria Secret’s models.

This process is absolutely safe. One just has to get it done from the right place. Make sure that you are getting it done from an experienced technician. Also communicate well the technician and clear all your doubts. Tell him/her the shape you want. You don’t want to end up with eyebrows which you would hate. Be clear about everything. And it would be worth every penny spent.

Who doesn’t want to spend some saved extra minutes in admiring oneself in the mirror or maybe paying extra attention to your boyfriend?

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