Microblading FAQ

How long does the procedure last?

It’s an estimation of 12-18 months, however I recommend a correction every 12 months.

How long does the treatment take?

It’s an estimation of a two hour treatment, involving the decision making of the perfect shape and the colour.

Will you drawn the shape first?

Yes. The shape will be drawn and a decision will be made when the client is completely happy with the look.

Does it hurt?

Everyones pain threshold is different, for most it can be uncomfortable, however I use two anaesthetics to comfort your needs.

Will I experience pain after the treatment?

The area can feel a little bit sore, however it will subside in a few hours post treatment.

Am I able to have Microblading during pregnancy or breastfeeding?

It’s not recommended

What type of pigments do you use?

The pigments that I use are of high quality pharmaceutical pigments, specialised and produced in Germany. All pigments meet the high standard criteria for health and cosmetic regulations.

How long will it takes to heal?

Around one week when following the recommended after care.

What can I expect from the treatment outcome?

You can expect to see a little bit redness and minimal swelling. At first the colour will be intensified during the healing process.

Am I able to go to work on the same day?

Yes, you are able to go to work on the same day or be in a public place.

What physical activities shall I avoid after treatment?

It’s recommended that for one week all physical activities should be avoided, which involve sweat, moisture, dampness and wetness. It’s the best to keep the area dry for 7 days for optimal healing.

Is the second appointment necessary?

It’s highly recommended.