It is common for most people to associate lip treatments with an increase in volume but not with rejuvenation of the lips.  This is a theory that ends up being wrong.

The peak of lip beauty occurs between the ages of 16-18, when our lips are full, moisturized, and healthy. Over the years this beauty is degrading due to several factors: the natural loss of hyaluronic acid, collagen, and elastin.  This makes our lips lose their shine, elasticity and look smaller and wrinkled.

Another important factor that accelerates the degradation of the beauty of our lips is the movement we make to speak, laugh, smoke, etc… The smallest facial movement has a long-term impact on our lips. This encourages the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.

The effect is so damaging that it can make us look older than we really are.  This desperation and the search for an effective solution to recover the beauty of the lips often leads us to turn to products that offer benefits that are too good to be true.

We spend thousands on lip balms that promise to restore shine and elasticity to us, however these products only provide temporary and very superficial solutions

They are not able to penetrate deep into the skin to repair actual damage. What makes them a real waste of time and money.

However, there are treatments that do offer complete and lasting results, in addition to being less invasive with our facial integrity. These are purified injections of hyaluronic acid, a revolutionary treatment that has become extremely popular in the world, and especially in London.

This treatment is capable of smoothing expression lines and combating the natural aging of the lips, giving them a healthy, youthful and very attractive appearance.

But not everything is perfect, just as this wonderful treatment has become so popular, so has the black market and the “professionals” lacking in experience and knowledge who offer similar treatments at a lower price, obviously all that is no more  that a marketing trick and a hoax to their customers.

Using these cheap treatments can lead to serious facial damage, most of them irreversible. For this reason it is extremely necessary to go to real and certified professionals who can offer you real treatments and that meet all quality standards.

Don’t put your health at risk!

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