Using eyebrow pencils, powders,  gels and tattoo to get those perfect ‘Eyebrows on fleek’? Consider Microblading. It is the newest trend which is hitting fashion world like a storm.

What is it? Microblading partially camouflages missing eyebrow hair or thin eyebrows by using fine deposits of cosmetic tattoo pigments on the epidermis. Unlike tattooing, which is done with the help of machines, this process is done manually. Numbing solution is used on the area to limit discomfort. The results are semi-permanent with minimal grooming and care required.

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In a world, where you envy those perfect brows of Cara Delevingne and Mirranda Kerr, all you need to do is simply to tell the technicians if you want your eyebrows to be arched or straight or bold and it would be done for you. It is more of an embroidered eyebrow that look just like real hairs. It is perfect for all the women out there who want to transform the way their eyebrows look. You can do it to fully reconstruct your brows or just have the gaps filled in. A special pen is used to draw on individual strokes one by one. With the use of a hand tool with attached needles fused together, the technician draws the strokes one by one. One should only get it done by a professional because it requires a lot of skill for it to be done as it is being done manually. If done properly the results last anywhere from 3 to 4 years. Retouching is required every year. But unlike tattoos which requires a lot of care initially, microblading is low maintenance and worth every penny.

Which woman wouldn’t want to get up every morning and look into the mirror to find those perfect brows and then be happy with herself? Considering the fact that eyebrows are in arguably the most important facial feature, spending bucks on microblading eyebrows might just be the perfect decision for a woman. Now when at least 10-15 minutes are spent everyday to get those perfect on fleek eyebrows, maybe you could spend that much time on admiring it.

The process is hassle free and maximum care is taken to minimise pain and discomfort. Sterile needles are used and the area is disinfected before the process. Also you could go out just after it is done and take those ‘Oh-so-perfect’ selfies, or jump into the pool. The post care is also quite easy. But one should get it done only from professionals. Though the process seems easy and fun, one should remember that it is to be done manually which only skilled people would be able to do.

Semi permanent eyebrows are becoming the latest craze and leaving eyebrow makeup behind. In the process the colour of your natural brows is matched and then are drawn the way you want them to be. You won’t need to spend on brow pencils or gels or powders anymore. The process is worth every penny spent. And then why not? Money sure can give you perfect eyebrows and that is happiness.

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